Sunday, September 30, 2012

~ FALL Wreaths ~

"Clear-ly" one of my favorites!

Love this one!

OK.. How cute is this?? 
My girly girl came home, saw this on the door and asked where I bought it.  When I told her that I made it she DID NOT believe me!  She kept saying, "It's so pretty...I looks "store bought". 
Well, ever since then we are on a "wreath-making kick". 
We bought MORE supplies for a few other SPECIAL people that have requested one!

We are making one for a sweet dear friend who LOVED it! (Thank you!)
We are also making one for Mimami!  OK...let me rephrase that...
Girly Girl is making it for her!  She can't wait to put her
artistic touches on this special wreath for GRANDMA! 
 (We lovingly call her Mimami!  She is THE BEST!)
Stay tuned for MORE pictures this week!


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